Monday, July 12, 2010


Stephie with a Sparkler

Nick and His brother Pat lighting fireworks
Nick and a tired Rachel
The 4 Brothers
Sitting on Grandma's Lap~too loud

Oregon Trip

So we took a wonderful trip to Oregon and upon returning decided that we should not have come back to the heat. The weather up there was beautiful. It was in the 70's every day and was pretty chilly (at least for us Arizonans) at night. We were up there for the Fourth of July and did our own fireworks show. Stephanie really enjoyed the fireworks. Rachel enjoyed the beautiful weather and was the happiest we have ever seen her. We had lots of fun hanging out with family and going on walks and playing at the park. Grandma and Grandpa Collard had a tire swing in their front yard that Stephanie really liked. We got some pretty cute pics of the girls playing outside. It was pretty tempting to want to just stay there and not come home.